My best-selling autobiography in the making…

me at the bar
Hello and welcome to the new Death To Sour Mix! I’m Raul Zelaya, the founder of this circus and I’ll be your guide through this site dedicated to craft cocktails, their careful preparation and the industry that makes it all possible.

I reside in Boston (formerly of NY), where I’m a local chapter member of the USBG (United States Bartender’s Guild) and as of recently, work around here and there shaking tins, making the most delicious lemon-drop-shots to make a few bucks. I created this site to serve as a workshop for ideas, presented in a modern, minimalist aesthetic to anyone that wanted to make something new from something old. Craft cocktails that anyone can make at home or in a bar with a little bit of effort (sometimes not much at all) and attention to detail. The focus here is on the use of fresh ingredients, an ever-changing use of spirits from around the world and above all, having fun in the process.

As much as I do enjoy making a great drink (the whole reason this site even exists is out of pure admiration & respect to the process), the real enjoyment comes from imbibing with other human beings. So feel free to get in touch with me about anything I post on the site, the recipes, ingredients or about the tools or techniques used (perhaps which N*sync member was the dreamiest, etc.). We can even become pen-pals if you’d like (is that still a thing?). You’ll see, for better or worse, that besides my dashing good looks (obv.), I have an odd sense of humor, which 50% of the time, works every time.

Some important facts: I like a Negroni with a lemon peel, avid flannel shirt aficionado and I’ll eat anything with chorizo in it, Autumn weather is more of my thing, I’m constantly complimented on my elbows, I’m a total nerd minus the glasses (cause these babies are 20-20!).

I hope that’s good for an ‘about me‘ for now. It’s all you’re gonna get, so enjoy it. In fact, go make yourself a drink and come back and read it again or go HERE for any extra bits I missed.


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