Anniversary of an Uninteresting Event, Year 2: Into The Storm

2nd year of Death To Sour Mix: complete! …What that means exactly, I don’t know. I had plans and hopes & dreams for all of this but quite frankly, I’ve lost that clarity, along with so many other things as of late. So what does this site still mean to me? Everything. I love all the good things that have come from it, the wonderful people I’ve met and the amazing things I’ve been able to see and do. It hasn’t always been easy and currently, it isn’t, but interacting with people (both online and for-realz) has been by far the best gift for someone like me; Watching them unfold, transform, console and burn bright has been a true pleasure. I’ve looked at life through prismatic eyes over the past year and my enjoyment of this industry, its people and this very online medium has only grown, though it’s easy to become lost in all of this when navigating in the fog. Funny enough that I deal with ‘spirits’ on a daily basis, but my own feels a bit diluted as of late. It’s why you don’t read much from me these days; It’s why my smiles are in short supply and quickly followed by the cold rim of a glass.

I owe it to my readers (I guess that means you if you’re reading this right meow) & followers to continue making cocktails that nobody asked for and inappropriate jokes that are only funny 50% of the time.

So what is in store for this coming year?! Eventually, I WILL get my shit together again and stop just drinking whiskey out of the bottle (my fav cocktail recipe as of late), put on real pants that don’t have an elastic waist, tweeze my uni-brow and pick up where I left off:

1. I bought a Canon 6D. I will either use it to its full potential (better photography, VIDEO, event photos, tasteful nude selfies) or end up pawning it for tacos.
2. Revamping the entire site for 2015. Minimalist is cool but there’s all this empty space. Lets put some kitten pics all over and a “Myspace styling” that will really class up the joint.
3. New sections: A dedicated American craft section I’m calling “Beast of America”, distilleries and random encounters w my peers.
4. A podcast & YouTube channel. So this is still in early-development but I promise you they will be worth the wait.
5. MORE cocktail recipes. At one point I will dust off the bottles that aren’t marked as “daddy’s go juice” and I’ll start making weird drinks that only I can make.

I’m also planning for traveling, hands-on craft cocktail events in Boston, between the occasional bartending gig here and there. But that’s for another post.

In the end, I will continue to be me. For better or for worse. I know this post wasn’t so drink-related but more like an intervention for myself but I needed to get this out. The best compliment I’ve ever gotten for this blog is along the lines of “when I read it, I can hear your voice” which to me means that my genuine, awkward self comes through in what I write and because of that, I wanted to candidly share with you what’s been going on.

We will make it to year 3.


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