MxMo: Resin [Roundup]

The dynamic duo over at Booze Nerds were super quick and have the roundup for MxMo LXXIX: Resin for all to enjoy. What did I learn from it? Trees make for delicious cocktails. drink more

Recommended Reading: The Best Craft Cocktails

Disclaimer: I was gifted a copy of this book by the authors. This is not a review; There are plenty of places that will do that. More importantly, this is not me posting about any free shit a distributor, manufacturer or publisher sends me. If I didn’t think the contents lived up to whatever standards drink more

Anniversary of an Uninteresting Event

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ¬†We made it to our first year! That’s one year of randomness, poorly named drinks and me venturing into the craft cocktail scene armed only with a childlike sense of wonder. This lead to quite a few hangovers. More than I care to admit, but man has it been great ride so far. drink more