MxMo 75 Roundup

July’s Mixology Monday 75 lived it’s life like a candle in the wind.  Here’s this month’s roundup over @ cocktail Virgin See y’all next month! drink more

Mixology Monday LXXIII Roundup

Please head to over to Mark Holmes’ tumblr to view the roundup of all the entries to this month’s Mixology Monday HERE . Thanks to Mark and Fred for another successful month in mixology. drink more

DIY or Bust

I made a drink for this week; It has a name and I even photopshopped the typography for it which came out pretty rad…BUT I’ve decided I want to build a couple of soft boxes to amp up my photography. I owe it to all those south-east Asian spammers that comment on my blog daily drink more

MxMo Roundup: Drink Your Vegetables

Make sure to visit Rowen’s Fogged in Lounge blog to check out ALL the entries for this month’s MxMo! I hear there’s a lovely one with cherry belle radishes on there. See y’all next month! drink more

Shake, Strain & Sip has now compiled all the entries from this month’s MxMO over HERE. Now go and check them out!