Abandonment Issues

My poor little blog…what have I done to you?! I’ve been away far too long, busy with moving and (seemingly) endless trips to Home Depot and the dentist. But you’re right, those are just excuses and you deserve better than that from me. Don’t you worry tho. We’ll be drinking together soon. How soon?! Hmm drink more

Getting a blog is quick and easy. Creating a clean, functional, visually appealing art direction that marries seamlessly with the content you create for said blog…not so much.

Why a blog? Why not?!

For the last couple of years I’ve seen what started as a modest and damn awful attempt at making a mojito, become one of my favorite and most personal forms of expression. Some may call this a passion; But i haven’t fucked any of the drinks I make (yet), so I wont call it that. drink more

from small beginnings…

This blog is shit right now. In fact, it’s not even that yet, but give me a burrito bowl from Chipotle, maybe some milk chocolate and definitely some gin… add to that like 3 years and then I’ll have something that’ll be worth a damn. Maybe. Probably not. drink more