Eventing: Prym Rum

We meet again. I’m gonna be honest with you off the bat: Some entries for my Eventing series will be wayyy shorter than others and that is mainly because, believe it or not, sometimes I’m trying to learn about this stuff and therefore forget to take photos. But since we’re being honest, sometimes I’m just being the social butterfly that I am, and therefore forget to take pictures of things, faces and macro shots of whatever the hell I was there to learn about in the first place.

Over the winter (yeah. it was that long ago) I had the pleasure of meeting Dinna & Damian of Prym rum in this sweet warehouse in Red Hook for a private tasting of their new rum. Well that rum aint so new anymore but it is still delicious. For a white rum it’s got all the heft you would expect from aged one but with an unorthodox balance that has made it my personal flask-it spirit of choice.

Think more along the lines of a rum old fashioned than a daiquiri with it. You’ll be seeing more of Prym rum on the site now that I have another bottle (I use my flask a lot) since it’s quite versatile but if you see it, give it a go and tell me what you think!





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