Eventing: Saveur Best Food Blog Awards 2014

The Saveur Best Foof Blog Awards happened last month and here’s my very-late (too late??), super short post with less-than-stellar photogr— WAIT! Come back, please! I have booze!! BUT it’s only because way-more talented folks have already covered it (here, here, here, and here to name a few) in greater detail with prettier faces and fancier writing but here goes:

I won 2014’s Saveur Food Blog Awards: Editor’s choice for Best Cocktail Blog! [slow clap?] I got to meet Prairie Rose of Bit By A Fox, who won People’s Choice in the same boozy category. She was lovely and I miss her already.


The “bromance” was strong at the BFBA’s in Vegas with not just one handsome gent but 2: Phil & Josh (sorry Dip & Tommy, I only go for dudes with blogs or Tumblrs that feature kittens, regardless of how cool you were). But all the wonderful ladies made me feel like one of the girls in no time ;]

Chocolate. So. Much. Chocolate. If you know me, you’d hate me but more importantly, you would also know that chocolate is my thing. I don’t know how to make it or quite frankly where it comes from (fairies? chocolate fairies?) but I died and went to chocolate heaven at the Bellagio. I’d show a photo of it but I shoved it in the face part of my head faster than they expected. Which then brings me to the food.


I ate everything they put in front of me. Sometimes even off of other people’s plates (too slow, bro). I feel bad for anyone reading this that didn’t get sample that dim sum. sigh. As a cocktail blogger, I was most excited when there was booze around and Highland Park made sure we didn’t feel out of place with their tasty Scotch, which was in no short supply. See how happy everyone looks with a delicious drink in their hands?!?


Then there’s the talent. These guys make you want to raise your blog-game QUICK. I’m fortunate for having spent what little, yet precious time I could with them & share a laugh (or a drink or other random delicious treats) with them and look forward to reading along in their blogs, books and unavoidable drunken Facebook posts.




I wish I could have got to meet them all but even beautiful social butterflies like myself have a limit!


Here I am with my BFBA 2014 award, which I will request I be buried with one day (hopefully they’ll throw in some Bellagio chocolate too).

A big THANK YOU to all the fabulous people of Saveur for allowing me to join in on the fun and for executing such a memorable event.

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