Indian Summer

3 parts rum [ Banks ]
1 1/2 parts young coconut water [ Vita Coco’s need not apply ]
1 part velvet falernum [ the boozy kind ]
1 part cranberry compote
1 part fresh lime juice
dash of allspice

Im telling you right now: this is not a drink you’ll make often. you may never even make it again after your first go. So why the fuck did you add it in the first place??!! you ask; so politely. well, its pretty looking. and sometimes in life, thats good enough. Ladies, am I right?!
This cocktail is great for learning how to balance flavors and textures in a drink. Not long ago, I didn’t know much about ratios and control when making cocktails. Which meant I followed recipes as written, without question. PRO TIP: Dont follow cocktail recipes and expect to love them just the same as the person who wrote them. Experiment (like you did back in your sophomore year in college) and tweak it to your own liking. How will you make something truly yours otherwise?

How to:
Take the fresh coconut water [ don’t forget to scrape up all the good stuff from the inside as well. more on that in a bit ] and pour it into your mixing glass
Add the cranberry compote, the lime juice.
Take a couple of pieces of the coconut meat you scooped out and add it to you mixing glass. muddle that to extract the oil from the coconut. [ extra points if you’re brave enough to muddle the limes used as well ]
Add the rum, falernum and a tiny dash of allspice.
Shake it and serve in a collins glass filled with crushed ice.
[ Enjoy ]

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