Le Doux Mule

2 parts pear vodka. [ Grey Goose La Poire ]
1/2 part fresh squeezed lime juice [ and I do mean FRESH ]
1/2 part ginger liquor. [ Domain de Canton ]
A little ginger beer just to top it off. [ don’t you dare use ginger ale ]

Moscow Mule’s get assembled within the mug they’re made in but this is a classy lady, so we’re gonna at least buy her dinner

How to:
Fill a rocks glass to the top with cracked ice.
Pour the vodka, lime and liquor in a shaker, add some ice and shake.
shake it a bit less than what you normally would. Trust me.
Strain and pour into the rocks glass.
Top with the ginger beer.
Garnish her with a lime twist.
Double straws if you got ’em.
[ Enjoy ]

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