Liber & Co Giveaway (UPDATE: now over)


Hey guys, gals and the random cat that’s always way-too interested in what you’re doing on the computer! I BRING THEE TASTY TREATS in the form of cocktail mixers by Liber & Co, which is a craft, small-batch company out of Texas. I’ve been using their stuff all over the place on the blog in the past and even make my infamous ‘Death To Sour Mix’ with their grapefruit shrub. So now you get to make some yourself (along with some other more traditional products)!

So lets get this out of the way: this is NOT paid advertisement. I talked to the awesome folks over at Liber & Co about the prospect of a giveaway (my first on the site) to which they were super receptive of the idea and have been absolute darlings along the way; I actually think we’re gonna’ go mechanical bull riding next time I’m in Texas, right?



So this is how this whole thing works:

What the hell am I giving away?! That’s a great answer and I respect you for asking. We’re casting off 3 bottles of their flagship products: The Texas Grapefruit Shrub, Spiced Tonic Syrup and their Classic Gum Syrup. I’ll even add some custom recipes for each but really just get creative and make some tasty craft cocktails with them … by yourself … in the morning … on a Tuesday when you call out of work cause you’re having a fat day.

You can get up to 3 entries to the giveaway by retweeting, reposting, regraming or really you’re favorite social media action that starts with RE. You can directly share this post with any and all sharing buttons below or sharing it from a dedicated post I’ll have up in each of my social media sites below:


It’s really that easy. I’ll pick a winner at random, contact you directly and ship it out to your door so you can get HAMMERED. To my non-US-inhabiting friends, sorry but this is only for continental USA due to issues w/ shipping (in that it’s fucking expensive!) but I promise I’ll have something real good for EVERYONE in the future.



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