The Rules Have Changed

“if i am lost it’s only for a little while”

When I started Death To Sour Mix, I did it out of what (at the time) I believed to be a selfish necessity of what was lacking in the cocktail blogging community. Was there much of a community back then to begin with? If I was to compare 3 years ago to how bloggers, photographers, bartenders and home-aficionados operate online today, how information is shared through social networks, how craft cocktail bars, recipes, brands, etc., are disseminated, how that exquisite content is produced and how bloggers collaborate with each other now, I would say no. A cohesive, gorgeous and information blog is tough to manage in this digital era where your content needs to be of exceptional print quality with stellar writing and increasing production values to stay afloat; Where tweeting and instagram’ing is just as important as the blog post that went up at three in the morning. I look around at so many cocktail blogs now and I rejoice in what we’ve become. Where before I would generally recommend a handful, now I recommend them by categories and styles based on who’s asked the question. There are others that have been around much longer than me and have seen their sites evolve into works of art and new ones bring with them fresh takes on what is relevant, what is informative and together they are redefining the purpose of a cocktail blog. The rules have changed but the goal has stayed the same: produce that which you’re passionate about to the best of your ability & share it, with hopes that you’re not alone in your madness.

I stopped sharing my passion with the world for a long time. I shut everything down and worked on myself in a way that I cant recall ever attempting to in the past. It was with good reason, in my humble opinion; As Jordan Buckley would say “it is better to destroy than to create what is meaningless, so the picture will not be finished“. The last year of my life was filled with triumphant highs and heart-breaking lows. My personal & professional life were sinking ships with me in the center, not knowing which way to swim. Which is such a fucking cliche but drowning is perhaps the most constant feeling I’ve had throughout. Having struggled with lapses of depression throughout my life, I knew all too well that I needed help and that if I ever wanted to be the person I wanted to be, a lot needed to change; So I did just that, and I made new friends, discovered books without pictures, took some hard advice and changed what I hated while accepting that there are some that cannot change no matter how much you try and that you simply need to learn to let go. My mind and much to my surprise, my heart have long now healed and with the peace & happiness I’ve found in my battles, I am ready to move on in life.

Death to Sour Mix almost died but the ideal never will. While I was away, I’ve been bangin’ tins anywhere I can, pointing cameras in peoples faces, bartending, training, designing cocktail menus, learning about herbs, spirits, amyl nitrites. I’ve been busy as hell, but I can say with little humility that I am in the best shape of my life to write the shit out of this cocktail blog. Our time apart will only make for a better Death and I’m beyond excited to share whats to come with you all. Thank you all for your patience and your support, now go get the Jäger and lets make some drinks!

Sincerely yours,


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