Recommended Reading: The Best Craft Cocktails


I was gifted a copy of this book by the authors. This is not a review; There are plenty of places that will do that. More importantly, this is not me posting about any free shit a distributor, manufacturer or publisher sends me. If I didn’t think the contents lived up to whatever standards I’ve set for Death to Sour Mix, you would not be reading this right now.
This is me, sharing someone else’s obvious hard work and dedication to creating craft cocktails.

Any post that starts with a disclaimer just feels wrong. Imagine going out to a fancy restaurant and the first thing you read is “Warning: This food may give you violent gas“. You may rethink your food truck selection after that. Or what if right before kissing someone for the first time they whispered to you “Oh. BTW I drool uncontrollably and I just ate a ton of onions. Now get over here!“. Yeah. Disclaimers. I’ll just put them at the end of the post next time! Problem solved.



That book right there was made out of paper. If you enjoy that aspect of reading books, then we’re already off to a good start. But really, The Best Craft Cocktails & Bartending With Flair was written by Jeremy Leblanc (Matt Leblanc’s brother) and Christine Dionese. These 2 darlings made a pretty big list of cocktails that range from personal twists on known classics and some clever creations by Jeremy, who according to Christine “is a damn good mixologist and is one of the nicest guys ever”. You had me at “Matt Leblanc’s brother”. Christine has a background in herbology and food science which sounds uber-nerdy to me but also pretty rad. I don’t know either of them but after reading the book and its recipes, it becomes apparent that they put a lot of effort into making a cocktail book utilizing great small batch spirits and a variety of interesting ingredients with an emphasis on organic.

Here’s a couple of my favorites from the book:


The Gypsy

The Gypsy


The Vig

The Vig

*Disclaimer #2: Jeremy is not really Matt Leblanc’s brother. Or is he…?

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