Pillar of Autumn (End Of Season)

Living in New England, you get rich flavors growing all over the place in random orchards and farms so we’re lucky to have a lot of variety, which works wonders when making cocktails. Like this one.

When I started writing this post, I had a terrible cold (probably not “terrible” but I’m a big baby when it comes to getting sick), it was a week before Thanksgiving (aka ‘the only time of the year you should openly be thankful of anything’) and that deep regret for what I and an unnamed turkey would do to my body was but a distant bridge far, far away. Well, November is done and the struggle is here. Fun fact, kids: if you eat enough cookies and caramel flan at a steady pace throughout the day, you become a grumpy asshole that swears you can communicate with animals small & large. It’s a bad look. I regret nothing.

Autumn recipes are done. I think the way that Labor day marks the end of me being able to wear some bitchin’ white linen capris, Thanksgiving marks the end of fall weather drinks and sadly, the end of socially acceptable drinking of pumpkin beer with sugar rims. I say fuck-that to all of those things because if I could, I’d kick back a Budweiser with a sugar rim (on the can!) while wearing my comfortable white linen. So today’s drink may come too late but I’ll leave that up to you. All I want is for you to get wasted.

A shaken drink with muddled apples & ginger, fresh lime juice that joins forces with the pressed juices, Averna amaro and cherry bitters to bring it depth and finally, Applejack and bourbon to give it strength. It’s sweet and refreshing. Exactly what I’d want to drink in between those tasty stirred cocktails I’ve recommended you sip:

I’ll have some new “WINTER” cocktails shortly, or what I like to call it: “Everything around me is cold & dead and all I want to do is drink Mexican hot chocolate under fur blankets until April”. I’m not above calling a cocktail “(Lil)Let It Go”, so expect that one. #sorrynotsorry.

Pillar of Autumn
1 oz bourbon whiskey (Berkshire Mountain Distillers)
1 oz Applejack (bonded if you roll like that)
1/2 Averna amaro
3/4 oz lime juice
2 dashes cedar cherry bitters (Apothecary Bitters)
1/3 of McIntosh apple, peeled + small piece of ginger, peeled
2 barspoons of real maple syrup

Take about 1/3rd of a peeled apple, chop it into smaller chunks and add to empty shaker. Add the peeled piece of ginger and muddle them together until you’ve extracted most of the juice.

Add the lime juice, bitters, Averna, bourbon & Applejack to the shaker, along with the maple syrup.

Fill shaker with ice and take it for a ride until chilled.

Double strain into a chilled glass. No garnish needed.

[ Enjoy ]

Initially I made this with Virgil Kane’s ginger-infused bourbon which is DELICIOUS and if you have the chance, definitely check them out, be it for this drink or simply to sip it on a leisurely walk at the park. I wasnt able to find enough of it around to make it the basis of this cocktail however, hence the muddled ginger.

The Holiday

3 parts apple brandy [ Laird’s ]
1 1/2 parts fresh lemon juice
1 part cranberry juice
1 part ginger liquor
2 bar spoons of grenadine [ avoid the cheap bottled stuff like you would herpes ]
stick of cinnamon.
small handful of cranberries.

I live in Boston. Which means there’s a lot of booze but very little inspiration when it comes to cocktails. In most places it comes down to what flavor of Sam Adams you’ll have or how much cranberry you’d like with your vodka. Enter Stoddard’s Pub.
This place not only looks the part (picture the 1940’s. Without the polio) but has the type of drinks that’d make any pretentious alcoholic with too much time on his hands start a blog. I’m sorry. I’m being too hard on myself; I don’t have that much free time.
Long story short: this was my first drink there. It had everything you’d want to have in a cold night in the fall or winter. So I stole reverse engineered the shit out of it (with science, you guys) so that I could give it to you.

How to:
Take the handful of cranberries and muddle all its fresh juice.
Add all the other ingredients and shake it like a Polaroid.
Double strain [ unless you want to be self-conscious ] into a rocks glass and garnish with some cranberries and a stick of cinnamon.
Pro tip: scrape some cinnamon on top of the drink before serving it.
[ Enjoy ]