Eventing: Adventures Outside The Bar

  • an equestrian sport in which competitors must take part in each of several contests, usually cross-country, dressage, and show jumping.
  • the action of going to events, being socially active.

I’ve wanted to make a section on the site devoted specifically to the different events I show my [gorgeous]face at in or around Boston; Sometimes even in a different state. The idea is to share some of what I learn with you. New spirits and mixers, tastings, distilleries, ‘The Bachelor’ finale parties, Dorito factory tours, etc. I’m sure it will be like playing ‘telephone’ and in the, I give you 100% incorrect information but who cares! You’re just here for the free food and sex anyway!

Over the course of the 1.5 years (give or take a month) that Death To Sour Mix has been around, I’ve been lucky enough to attend some fun events that I’ll have to back-track in chronological order as I go. Some are dedicated specifically to a spirit type, or a brand but other times it’ll be an all out battle-royale.

The main focus of the site will always be my failures in new craft cocktail ideas but I go to enough of these that it would be a shame not to share. Hope you enjoy them!