Moscow Mule

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Enter the dragon mule. This cocktail is best kicked back (see what I did there?! …you know… cause mules ki… ANYWAYS) in a frosted copper mug (it doesn’t have to but man does it make it recognizable) while imbibing with friends. Or alone, if that’s your thing but really, don’t be that guy.
i prefer to use Russian vodka in my mules, simply because it makes it feel authentic. Though this cocktail wasn’t invented in Russia, it would feel weird to drink it with vodka from another country. Kinda like kissing your cousin. Unless thats your thing, but for fuck sake, really try not to be that guy.
Its crazy simple, is open to so many variations and its fun ’cause you get to build it in the copper mug itself.

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Lime juice
Ginger beer

I use Stoli Gold vodka in my mules but it is very common to see ‘Russian Standard’ used, which in a drink like this, is more than serviceable.

As for the ginger beer, this is really the key ingredient in a great mule, so the better the beer, the better the taste. I’ve used Maine Root ginger beer here.

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Build your mules within the copper mugs. There’s no shame in doing it all in the shaker and then topping off your mug with the ginger beer but I’m pretty sure that your street cred (the one you’ve been working on so hard over the last 15 minutes) will be all but erased. Your call, tough guy.

4 parts Stoli Gold Vodka
1 part lime juice
Fever-Tree Ginger Beer

Take your sweet-ass copper mug and fill it about 1/2 way with crushed ice.
add the 4 parts of vodka and the freshly (oh so fresh and so clean) squeezed lime juice.
Add some of that ginger beer that has been waiting for its turn, but leave some room.
Stir it a bit with your barspoon [not nearly as much as you would a martini]
Add a bit more crushed ice to make it look pretty and keep it chilled.
Garnish with a lime wedge or wheel [some folks add a cucumber spear but I don’t get that]

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Le Doux Mule

2 parts pear vodka. [ Grey Goose La Poire ]
1/2 part fresh squeezed lime juice [ and I do mean FRESH ]
1/2 part ginger liquor. [ Domain de Canton ]
A little ginger beer just to top it off. [ don’t you dare use ginger ale ]

Moscow Mule’s get assembled within the mug they’re made in but this is a classy lady, so we’re gonna at least buy her dinner

How to:
Fill a rocks glass to the top with cracked ice.
Pour the vodka, lime and liquor in a shaker, add some ice and shake.
shake it a bit less than what you normally would. Trust me.
Strain and pour into the rocks glass.
Top with the ginger beer.
Garnish her with a lime twist.
Double straws if you got ’em.
[ Enjoy ]