Blood & Thunder

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The original calls for blended Scotch, which is curb-stomped here by my old pal, tequila, a spirit that not only sounds more menacing in its almost automatic drunken-flashback inducing montage but also makes it more appealing to a wider spectrum of people (IMO)… Unless you’re using Jose Cuervo, in which case just stop reading this right now and come back when I have a slushy margarita recipe. No! Come back! Lets just pretend you’re not using that shit and we can still be friends (the kind of friends that only communicate via Facebook likes).

I’ve gone ahead and taken what Cale Green from ‘Tavern Law, Need & Thread’ (Seattle) devised and changed it to what [to me] makes more sense, both for the cocktail itself but for the name: Blood oranges. Yup. Those weird little oranges that only come out (here in the North East at least) around this time of year but that are not only pretty to look at [I mean seriously, these things make all other citrus their bitch] but have a wonderful flavor that goes perfect in cocktails (see here ). Only this guy wouldn’t like them.


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Blanco Tequila
Cheery Heering
Sweet Vermouth
Blood Orange

To be honest, I gave this drink a try mainly because I’m a big Mastodon fan. Having never tried a ‘Blood and Sand’ (sorry but the idea of those ingredients didn’t really do it for me) I was more interested in a variation of the original with ingredients that seemed much more appealing.


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Super easy. Equal parts:
El Tesoro Platinum Tequila
Cherry Heering
Dolin Rouge
Fresh Blood Orange Juice
4 drops of (Bob’s) Abbot’s bitters (optional)

Shake it to wake it up.

For the garnish:
Thin slice of blood orange + maraschino cherry.

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