It’s all about the shake

Since moving, I haven’t been able to make anything worth a damn (I tried making a gin fizz @ my new place but forgot I didn’t have simple syrup… used velvet falernum instead and yeah, it…yeah, lets just leave it at that) and until I get my act together [got a SWEET new bar for the kitchen that I need to show off soon], I’ll be drinking other people’s cocktails instead.

Saturday night, I was lucky enough to be invited to our friend’s lovely engagement party. This thing was fancy-as-fuck and we met all kinds of great people – wait. This is a blog about cocktails, not how to be a social butterfly (which, lets be honest, I am) – So the bartender there (yeah, told you it was fancy) was this nice girl doing her best but it dawned on me, while watching her work the stick, that she had a weak-ass shake.

Even if the finished product was a tasty, aerated, properly diluted drink, watching someone shake it awkwardly is probably just as bad as watching someone try and hold a baby for the first time. There’s a certain confidence that comes with watching a controlled and smooth shake. Nothing fancy. No flourishes, nor spectacle bullshit. Just an experienced shake. It tells you that what you’re about to sip is going to be exactly what you wanted it to be; Even if it isn’t.

Moral of the story: work on your shaking skills, kids! Not only for yourself but for your guests.