The Holiday

3 parts apple brandy [ Laird’s ]
1 1/2 parts fresh lemon juice
1 part cranberry juice
1 part ginger liquor
2 bar spoons of grenadine [ avoid the cheap bottled stuff like you would herpes ]
stick of cinnamon.
small handful of cranberries.

I live in Boston. Which means there’s a lot of booze but very little inspiration when it comes to cocktails. In most places it comes down to what flavor of Sam Adams you’ll have or how much cranberry you’d like with your vodka. Enter Stoddard’s Pub.
This place not only looks the part (picture the 1940’s. Without the polio) but has the type of drinks that’d make any pretentious alcoholic with too much time on his hands start a blog. I’m sorry. I’m being too hard on myself; I don’t have that much free time.
Long story short: this was my first drink there. It had everything you’d want to have in a cold night in the fall or winter. So I stole reverse engineered the shit out of it (with science, you guys) so that I could give it to you.

How to:
Take the handful of cranberries and muddle all its fresh juice.
Add all the other ingredients and shake it like a Polaroid.
Double strain [ unless you want to be self-conscious ] into a rocks glass and garnish with some cranberries and a stick of cinnamon.
Pro tip: scrape some cinnamon on top of the drink before serving it.
[ Enjoy ]