Abandonment Issues

My poor little blog…what have I done to you?! I’ve been away far too long, busy with moving and (seemingly) endless trips to Home Depot and the dentist. But you’re right, those are just excuses and you deserve better than that from me. Don’t you worry tho. We’ll be drinking together soon. How soon?! Hmm What are you doing tomorrow? You know I cant drink in the daytime tho, I still have remnants of decency left.

We should be back to business now that I have my liquor where it belongs (my cold dead hands) and a brand new drink station where I’ll be crafting these sons of bitches on a regular pace. I have voids to fill (that’s what he said! I’ll STFU now) in drinks containing rum, so I’ll be hitting those pretty hard. What said drinks will be, I have no idea. But I know this: they’ll have rum and will probably be cold. Perhaps even served in a cup of sorts? Yeah.