Why a blog? Why not?!

For the last couple of years I’ve seen what started as a modest and damn awful attempt at making a mojito, become one of my favorite and most personal forms of expression. Some may call this a passion; But i haven’t fucked any of the drinks I make (yet), so I wont call it that.
I’ve never worked at a bar. Probably never will. I’m an old man now and I hate the idea of working weekday afternoons at an Elk Lodge, to only serve shitty beer and Cape Codders to New Englanders regulars to get that proverbial “foot in the door”. I mean, they wouldn’t even bother complementing me on my vest collection. So I rather be a pretentious barman in the comfort of my own home. Preferably in the nude.
They say those that can’t do, teach. Which sounds like something some rich asshole with a popped collar would say, FYI.
Everything I know on spirits and how to fuck up a good drink has been through YouTube, books, bartending courses, talking to actual working bartenders, etc. So obviously that makes me an expert. So in that regard, I got our bases covered you guys!

Why a blog? Who cares?! It’ll be an adventure (spoiler alert: It’ll probably end badly). One that requires large quantities of alcohol and a child-like sense of wonder…and money; Cause liquor ain’t cheap, people!


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